No-Till | Recycled Organic Living Soil

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This is a continuation of Organic Matter | Soil Health.

While we are on the topic of organic matter and soil health, lets talk about no-till farming and how you can get that same type of high quality soil into your greenhouse garden. Continue reading “No-Till | Recycled Organic Living Soil”


Organic Matter | Soil Health

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Greenhouse growing is similar to growing outside except it gives added control and the option for continuous high quality results. One of the big differences between a plant growing in its natural habitat and one growing in a artificial habitat can be its soil. Healthy soil is key in strong plant grown, but what defines healthy soil? Continue reading “Organic Matter | Soil Health”

Greenhouse Aeroponics

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Aeropnonics is similar to hydroponics and aquaponics in the sense that they are all methods of soil-less growing. The difference between the three is that with aeroponics the roots of the plants are suspended in the air rather than submerged in a nutrient solution. The roots of a plant in an aeroponic system are periodically misted with a nutrient solution while they stay constantly in contact with the air. This allows for an increased uptake of nutrients, water, and oxygen. Aeroponic systems are used in both small and large scale grows providing some interesting benefits compared to conventional growing. Continue reading “Greenhouse Aeroponics”

Changing the Game: Inhouse to Greenhouse

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Growing marijuana might not be as green as you once thought it was, and there is actually serious concern over how un-green the process of indoor cannabis cultivation has become. Indoor grow operations are consuming immense amounts of energy, harming the environment and increasing its cost for the consumer. Below is a TED Talk from Dan Sutton managing director of Tantalus Labs, which focuses on the subject of what he calls “cannabis’s dirty secret,”and offers his opinions on how consumers/growers can change the industry. Spoiler alert; Save money and the earth by growing your cannabis in a greenhouse! Continue reading “Changing the Game: Inhouse to Greenhouse”