Healthy Roots| Fabric & Air-Pots

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Last week we talked about soil health and ways to improve it through organic matter, no-till gardening methods, and compost tea. After putting all of this effort into creating high quality soil, the next step is to make sure that the containers used for planting are going to promote healthy plant growth. Container growing, or growing in pots instead of in the ground, is often the choice for greenhouse growers considering space can be limited and mobility is crucial. The two pots on the market that seem to provide the greatest benefits for plant growth are Continue reading “Healthy Roots| Fabric & Air-Pots”


Wiggle Wire vs. Poly Lock

wiggle wire
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You purchased your greenhouse structure and finally decided on what cover to get, so next on your list is figuring out how to secure that cover to your structure. Before making your decision on which Poly-fastener you’re going to use, you should read this comparison of Wiggle Wire vs. Poly Lock.

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