Light Deprivation: Methods | Tarps |Suppliers

Agratech black out
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If you read part one and two of this light dep conversation then you should understand the process behind it and some of the pros and cons associated with it. If you’re considering taking the next step towards extra harvests and higher quality buds, here is a post with tons of videos demonstrating the methods for blacking-out a greenhouse, quick descriptions of some blackout tarps, and a video of Forever Flowering’s Breathable Wall accessory.   Continue reading “Light Deprivation: Methods | Tarps |Suppliers”

Rolling Benches: Maximize Your Profits

ATI Benches
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Metal rolling benches have made their way into the cannabis industry providing some serious benefits over stationary benches or growing on the ground. Generally used in production greenhouses to help lower cost of production, rolling benches allow the grower to gain growing space, accurate temperature control, and avoid humidity related diseases. Below are two videos from GGS Structures Inc. which explain some of the benefits of metal rolling benches. Continue reading “Rolling Benches: Maximize Your Profits”

Golden Advice: Permits Before Greenhouse

Greenhouse demolition permit violation
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Are you an “under the radar” cannabis farmer who doesn’t see permitting as a high priority for your greenhouse’s construction plan? Here is a golden piece of advice; research into your county’s building rules and regulations before you purchase your greenhouse. First off, this may improve your shopping experience by narrowing down your choices. And second, there is a good chance this small precaution might save you money in the long-run.

Finding the perfect greenhouse can be a long process, especially if you are looking into light deprivation systems. One thing that can help you simplify this process is calling your county’s planning department to ask about local building regulations. Depending on a handful of different variables, this step can help guide you towards the right purchase. . For example, on the forum, a farmer named Blaze explained his experience with a permitting issue that forced him to reconsider his original greenhouse choice.

“My first choice was the Conelys 3Gen greenhouse, they are by far the most top of the line out there at the moment, but thanks to a curve ball the county building department threw Continue reading “Golden Advice: Permits Before Greenhouse”