Light Deprivation: Pro vs. Con

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If you read my last post light Deprivation: Inro, then you have a basic idea of how a light dep system works and a few of the major advantages that come with it. It may sound like the ultimate investment, which it often is, however there are always pros and cons to just about everything, especially when it comes to greenhouse related products. This post is all about the pros and cons of a greenhouse light deprivation system when compared to outdoor cannabis cultivation. Continue reading “Light Deprivation: Pro vs. Con”

Changing the Game: Inhouse to Greenhouse

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Growing marijuana might not be as green as you once thought it was, and there is actually serious concern over how un-green the process of indoor cannabis cultivation has become. Indoor grow operations are consuming immense amounts of energy, harming the environment and increasing its cost for the consumer. Below is a TED Talk from Dan Sutton managing director of Tantalus Labs, which focuses on the subject of what he calls “cannabis’s dirty secret,”and offers his opinions on how consumers/growers can change the industry. Spoiler alert; Save money and the earth by growing your cannabis in a greenhouse! Continue reading “Changing the Game: Inhouse to Greenhouse”