Fish Power Your Garden

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What happens when you combine fish farming and hydroponics? You get aquaponics, the only way to hydroponically grow USDA organic certified vegetables. Aquaponics is the Continue reading “Fish Power Your Garden”


Music: The Grower’s Secret Weapon

Left: Non-Treated Plant. Right: Music-Treated Plant. (Photo Credit.)

I have heard it before, but I never took it seriously that music could stimulate plant growth. A few years ago Mythbusters hosted an episode which proved that heavy metal music did help increase the size and health of their pea plants. Interesting findings, but the process is a little more scientific than simply hosting a death metal concert for your crop.You need protein stimulating sounds that are specific to your plant’s cell anatomy.

Back in the 90’s a French Physicist named Joel Sternheimer discovered that as plants absorb their nutrients and synthesize their amino-acids, they emit a signal with a certain frequency and wavelength. He was able to recreate these sounds into “proteodies,” or protein melodies. Closely following Sternheimer’s work, Yannick Van Doorne has dedicated his life to studying the effect of music on plant growth. Below is a list of different techniques and sounds that he found can influence plant life: Continue reading “Music: The Grower’s Secret Weapon”