Greenhouse Hack: Cheap Water Harvesting


Cheap Water Harvesting
Cheap Rainwater Collection System

Is an expensive water delivery service eating into your profits? This issue inspired a family friend of mine to create his own “low-budget” water harvesting system for his greenhouses. Instead of purchasing a large fiberglass rain water system, which would have cost him in the range of $18,000-$50,000, he experimented with two 30,000 gallon above ground swimming pools at a cost of only $1,700 each. He then installed a cheap Home Depot gutter system on his two greenhouses, positioning them so that they would flow into the pools. This custom rain collection system can completely fill the pools after a single heavy rain, supplying him with enough water for over a month of growing.

Imagine if you could eliminate your crop’s water expenses, how much of an impact would that have on your bottom line?

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